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Ohio’s Best: Hottest Summer Destinations for the Elderly

Ohio’s Best: Hottest Summer Destinations for the Elderly

For five minutes, try to picture out your dream destination in your mind. Does it have fine sand with coconut trees and blue waters? Or, are you thinking of rich fields and twisting roads?

Well, whatever and wherever that may be, you definitely need a good ride with comfy seats and a professional driver. If you’re looking for one, Express Medical Transportation, Inc. offers door-to-door transportation in Columbus, Ohio. Let us tour you around the hottest destinations in Ohio that you and your elderly loved one will surely be enchanted.

First stop, Amish Country

If you want to experience a simple lifestyle and breathe that fresh air you’ve been longing for, this is the best place for you and your elderly. It also has some of the best scenic drives, including:

  • U.S. Route 50 or the “The Loneliest Road in America”
  • Ohio River Byway, where captivating small towns are seen.
  • Ohio Route 348, where you can witness red barns and amazing sceneries along the way.

Second stop, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

To reach this wonderful place, you need to have expert transport providers in Ohio to ensure the safety and comfort of your elderly loved ones. The moment you get there, you’ll see not less than 400 species of plants and flowers, in which some are declared exotic.

Last stop, Dayton Aviation

This is perfect for your elderly loved ones who formerly worked in the aviation industry or are aviation buffs. Inside is an iconic flyover, a sculpture masterpiece that you can never see anywhere but there. However, if your elderly loved ones already have mobility problems, wheelchair transportation services should help transport them conveniently.

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